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The difference of stone wool insulation and fiber glass

Apr. 09, 2018

 In thermal insulation material industry, stone wool insulation and fiber glass has their own advantages. People like these two materials and they are widely used. But many people don’t know their differences. Following we will introduce the difference between stone wool insulation and fiber glass. Hope to help you understand and use these two materials better. The following are mainly analyzed from three levels.

1.Product performance

Compared with stone wool insulation fiber glass has lower shot content, lower thermal conductivity, lower density, higher fiber tenacity, longer service time. But stone wool insulation can be used under temperature above 600℃, fiber glass can only be used around 260℃.

2.Application area

Stone wool insulation board can be used under high temperature. It is widely used as insulation material for heat pipe or electrical equipment.

3.Raw material and production process

Fiber glass wool is produced with glass as main raw material, after adding a certain proportion of other ingredients and mix the mixture are put into glass furnace to melt fully. The melted The melted solution flows through the drain, into the centrifuge.Under high-speed centrifuge drive the melted glassl is thrown into a glass trickle, using high temperature and high speed of flame, glass was further stretched into fiber, then spray adhesives, in the collection of cotton net with negative pressure under the action of wind, fiber covered resin adhesives accumulates in the moving network, formed a uniform cotton blanket, and then by the constant temperature curing furnace, complete the curing process, the product shape is formed, after cutting the products are finished, and then for packaging.

Stone wool insulation products is produced with high quality basalt as main raw material. After high tmeperature the raw materials are melted. Then use high speed centrifuge to make inorganic fiber. After that add specially made adhesive and dust removal oil. Through the swing band spread blanket and through special equipment change the structure of fiber array, finally by curing and shapes a new type of lightweight thermal insulation material. According to the different applications the fiber can be processed into rock wool board, rock wool seam blanket, rock wool pipe shell and other products.

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