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Principles of Ceramic kiln refractory brick Selection

Feb. 06, 2017

At present, the most widely used ceramic industry is open flame kiln car in tunnel kiln, roller kiln, and shuttle kiln. Although there are many kinds of kilns in ceramic industry, there are some basic principles for selecting single ceramic kilns:

1) The requirements of refractory bricks under normal temperature performance and high temperature performance

In accordance with the manufacturing method, Ceramic kiln is divided into on-site masonry and on-site assembly. No mater which kind of ways, it requires the kiln structure has certain temperature strength to support the weight of kiln body bricks and the weight that other equipment to be installed or placed on the kiln. There are also handling, vibration, collision factors that need to consider during assembly, these conditions require ceramic kiln refractory brick has a room temperature pressure, flexural strength.

Ceramic kilns are operating at high temperatures, for construction, sanitary ceramics products, the maximum firing temperature at 1300C. Therefore, selecting the ceramic kiln refractory bricks must according to the maximum firing temperature as the basis, to determine the refractoriness, load softening temperature, re-burning line changes and other indicators.

2) Requirements for thermal insulation performance

Heat insulation is an important part and means of energy saving in ceramic kilns. Therefore, it is necessary to select the insulation materials with the best insulation performance under the permit size, in order to reduce the surface temperature of the kiln body, reduce heat loss

3) The requirements of ceramic kiln refractory bricks

A- reduce the heat loss caused by the increase of heat storage in the kiln

B- reduces furnace thermal hysteresis

CCEWOOL can provide a full range of ceramic fiber products, can also provide the clay brick, high alumina brick, mullite lightweight thermal insulation brick, providing energy-saving furnace according to different application sites and industry solutions. We want to help.

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