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Performance of chamotte insulation brick in building

Jul. 24, 2019

 Last issue, we mainly talked about the five properties of chamotte insulation bricks in the building. In this issue, we continue to talk about the other five properties of chamotte insulation bricks in building.

 Properties of chamotte insulation bricks

6. Environmental protection: no pollution during manufacturing, transportation and use, can protect cultivated land, save energy consumption. And it is a environmental friendly building material.

7. Earthquake resistance: In the same building structure, the building using lightweight chamotte insulation bricks has higher seismic resistance level compared to the building using clay bricks.

8. Durability: The long-term strength of aerated concrete is stable. After one year of atmospheric exposure to the test piece, the strength is increased by 25% and remains stable after ten years.

9. Machinability: This product is light in weight and various in size. It is easy to nai, drill, cut, saw and planing pipeline. Moreover, the expansion pipe can be used on the wall to directly fix the hanging cabinet, air conditioner, hood, etc. This will be convenient for your water and electricity installation and home decoration.

10. Refractory: The refractoriness is 700 degrees, which is a first-grade refractory material. The 100mm-thick block has a fire resistance of 225 minutes, and the 200mm-thick block has a fire resistance of 480 minutes. The gray sand bricks are dense, generally it is made of sand and stone, and have a smaller shape. Lightweight chamotte insulation bricks are generally made of cinder. They are lighter and larger, and mostly empty in the middle.

Lightweight clay insulation bricks have high load, low creep and high thermal shock. Commonly used in large blast furnaces, hot blast stoves and other parts of the combustion chamber, regenerator, regenerator, regenerator, upper chamber, mixing chamber wall, regenerator, hot air chamber, hot air branch, annular tube, regenerator The lower regenerator, the central part of the large-wall lattice regenerator, the large-wall lattice, the tuyere, and the cold-flow inlet of the iron regenerator.

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