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Mullite thermal insulation bricks made from coal gangue

Oct. 29, 2018

Mullite thermal insulation bricks is a kind of widely used lightweight thermal insulation brick. The traditional mullite thermal insulation bricks are mainly produced with bauxite or clay as the main raw material. During molding or high-temperature sintering a large amount of connected or closed cavities are formed inside brick. Due to its high porosity, it has a low thermal conductivity.In addition the brick has inherent high temperature resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance and high chemical stability of mullite. All of these good features enable its wide application prospect in many fields. Its working temperature can be above 1400 °C.

The process of using gangue and bauxite as the main raw materials, add the binder and pore-forming agent to produce the mullite thermal insulation bricks is the trend of energy conservation.

Main raw materials of producing mullite thermal insulation bricks

1. Main raw material: Gangue(0.075mm), alumina (0.088mm).

2. Binding agent: Suzhou soil, carboxymethyl cellulose.

3. Expansion agent: Kyanite.

4. Pore former: Cereal shell.

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