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Lightweight insulation brick for hot blast furnace

May. 02, 2018

Here is the discussion of several types of light weight insulation brick for hot blast furnace. The purpose is to meet the needs of high wind temperature and gentle longevity of hot air furnace, to understand these kinds of light insulation bricks, and carefully choose the insulation materials.

(1)Light weight silica brick.

Light weight silica brick is a kind of new special material. It is used to build furnace wall of hot blast wind furnace. Hot blast stove is often used in high temperature hot air channel, this is the same as the pump of blast furnace, based on the shape of the hot blast stove, the different parts, temperature range between 1000 ~ 1300 ℃. The load deformation temperature is 1620 ~ 1640 ℃It has been proved by many cases that the light weight silica brick can be used in kilns with long time working temperature 1550 ~ 1600 ℃. It can be built directly on hot surface which contact hot air, and can also be used for the large span furnace top.

(2)Diatomite insulating brick

Diatomite insulating brick is a lightweight thermal insulation material made of diatomite. It has very good thermal insulation performance and can be built behind clay brick as insulation layer. The product performance is stable, the energy saving efficiency is remarkable. Its thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient are small, which can guarantee the stability of high temperature equipment. The thermal efficiency work has strong resistance to seepage, which is not easy to be bonded by melt, and even can resist local mechanical vibration of kiln.

(3)Light weight clay brick.

Lightweight clay brick is a kind of light insulation material for stomata, which can be used as insulating layer on the back of clay brick or lightweight high alumina brick. Can be used in places where there is no strong high temperature melt erosion. On some surfaces, where there is direct contact with the flame, coated with a layer of refractory coating in order to reduce slag erosion and furnace gas ash erosion and reduce damage.

(4)Light weight alumina brick

Lightweight high alumina brick is a good thermal insulation material that can be used on the back of a high alumina firebrick or light weight silica brick. It is mainly used for lining or heat insulation layer of the kiln furnace and the areas where there is no high temperature melt erosion. When direct contact with the flame the highest contact surface temperature is up to 1350 ℃. Characteristics of lightweight high alumina brick: the weight is light; Small contraction value; Impermeability; Good resistance to shake; Refractoriness is up to 700 ℃, and so on.

The choice of hot blast furnace light insulation brick is determined by the type of firebrick masonry. In other words, when the working layer is made of silica brick, the back of the silicon brick should be made of light silica brick. When the working layer is built with high alumina firebrick, the back of firebrick should be made of light high alumina brick. When the working layer is built with clay brick, the back of clay brick should be built with light clay brick or diatomite insulation brick.

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