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Key points in construction of insulation calcium silicate board

Feb. 05, 2018

Usually people use lime ( All calcium materials can be used, such as cement, etc.), quartz powder (all kinds of siliceous materials can be used) as the main body, add water and use fiber as reinforcing material to make slab, then through autoclave curing the lightweight insulation board is produced, it is called insulation calcium silicate board.

At present we have two kinds of insulation calcium silicate board in China. One is insulation calcium silicate board the other is decoration insulation calcium silicate board. Today we will introduce insulation calcium silicate board.

Construction of insulation calcium silicate board

1. Before construction of insulation calcium silicate board. We should weld anchor on to the furnace according to the size of calcium silicate board. When the calcium silicate board is fixed we should use anchor nail to reinforce.

2. Refractory layer is constructed with refractory bricks. Must make sure the gaps of bricks are filled with mortar,and it is forbidden to build furnace with lack of mortar. We should make sure that the castable is with no honeycomb space, so that the whole layer of refractory layer and insulation layer can operate in the sealed state.

3. Insulation layer using the calcium silicate board in the cyclone tube and difficult construction site should operate in accordance with the "2" of construction procedures. We should avoid big volume wind in the honeycomb to evacuate fireproof layer and insulating layer. And affect the operation stability of the production line.

4. Insulation calcium silicate board product is crystallization composite material produced by dynamic heating gel process and it is strictly forbidden to calcinate. If it is calcinated the appearance of product will change. Calcination will increase the loss of fiber and the softening of the product, and affect the life of the product.

5. Construction supervisors are strictly responsible for the construction requirements, and are responsible for fine construction and scientific management to ensure the overall strength of the refractory layer and insulation layer.

Above is the key point of construction of insulation calcium silicate board. Hope this can bring help to furnace builders and workers.

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