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Is common ceramic fiber blanket inhalable?

Feb. 20, 2019

Common ceramic fiber blanket also known as aluminum silicate fiber blanket, because one of its main components is alumina, and alumina is the main component of ceramic, it is called common ceramic fiber blanket. Common ceramic fiber blankets are mainly divided into blown ceramic fiber blankets and spun ceramic fiber blankets. Spun ceramic fiber blanket is superior to blown ceramic fiber blanket in terms of thermal insulation performance due to their long fiber length and low thermal conductivity. Most of the pipe insulation construction uses spun ceramic fiber blanket. So is common ceramic fiber blanket inhalable? Is it harmful to the human body?

Common ceramic fiber blanket are inhalable and have certain harm to the environment and the human body. Some foreign companies have tightened restrictions on the use of amorphous ceramic fibers. At present, CCEWOOL biosoluble amorphous ceramic fiber have appeared on the market of insulating refractories, and this super fiber (siO2-CaO-MgO ceramic fiber) is a non-polluting environment-friendly material.

The future production trend of common ceramic fiber blanket is to develop in the direction of non-polluting, refinement and multi-functionality. High-value-added, high-tech functional fine ceramic fibers produced with new technology and new raw materials will become more and more popular which is of great significance for optimizing the insulating refractory materials.

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