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How to use refractory ceramic fibre to improve the energy saving efficiency of kiln

Apr. 17, 2019

 Normal burning working temperature of industrial furnaces, furnaces hearth, boilers and blast furnaces are all above 1000 ° C. The furnace structural materials are mainly various refractory materials such as high alumina bricks, clay bricks, castables, refractory ceramic fibre, etc. They are not only the structural material of the furnace body, but also the thermal insulation material. They also participate in the radiant heat exchange process. Their thermal radiation performance and thermal insulation properties determine the thermal efficiency of the kiln. So if we use only one kind of material it will be difficult to achieve a firm structure, good insulation and high radiation heating performance requirements.

As the "heart" of industrial production, kiln is extremely important for industrial development. According to the industry kilns can be classified into cement kiln, steam furnace, glass kiln, cracking furnace, rotary kiln, coke oven, induction furnace, etc. Energy saving and environmental protection is particular important in the development trend of kilns. In terms of the thermal insulation effect of the kiln itself, increasing the burning rate and heat energy utilization rate, reducing the heat dissipation of the kiln body, and improving the performance of the refractory ceramic fibre of the kiln are all important ways to achieve energy saving in the kiln. .

The aluminum silicate refractory fiberboard is produced by washing the refractory ceramic fibre with water and removing the slag, and then mixing with different proportions of inorganic binder and organic binder, and through vacuum-sucking or press molding, drying then the refractory ceramic fibre sheet products which has certain strength and hardness is formed.

Aluminum silicate refractory fiberboard product features:

Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity;

Resistant to thermal shock, resistant to erosion and thermal stability is good;

Good mechanical properties;

High working temperature, it can directly contact the flame;

High compressive strength and long service life;

Easy to install and use.


Applicable to be used as kiln wall lining materials of all kinds of industrial kilns, high temperature equipment insulation materials, temperature partition board in kilns, high temperature ceramic lining, furnace door fire shield.

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