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How to install ceramic fiber thermal insulation module on furnace

Feb. 27, 2019

The ceramic fiber insulation module is a new type of refractory lining product introduced to simplify and speed up the kiln construction and improve the integrity of the lining. The product is white in color and regular in size, and can be directly fixed on the anchor bolt in the steel plate of industrial furnace shell. It has good fire-resisting and heat-insulating effect, improves the integrity of kiln fire-resisting and heat insulation, and promotes the progress of kiln masonry technology. So how should the ceramic fiber insulation module be installed and applied on the roller bottom heating furnace?

The frequent rise and fall of the furnace door and the impact caused by failure, causes serious wear of the ceramic fiber insulation module. The following methods are used for the construction: firstly, the “V” anchors are welded to the steel structure of the furnace door in a non-spaced arrangement, the anchors are connected to the net with heat-resistant steel wires. Then the mixture of the ceramic fiber and the binder is sprayed onto the oven door, and dried for use. This method is simple, and the furnace door insulation material has high integrity, seamless and wear-resistant. Even if local damage is caused by mechanical impact due to an accident, it is only necessary to spray and dry the part locally.

Product characteristics:

1. Excellent chemical stability;

2. Excellent elasticity, the ceramic fiber insulation module is in the pre-pressing state. After the furnace lining is completed, the expansion of the ceramic fiber insulation module makes the furnace lining seamless, and can compensate the shrinkage of the fiber lining to improve the thermal insulation performance of the fiber lining. Integrity is good;

3. Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance;

4. Installation of ceramic fiber insulation module is fast, and the anchor is placed on the cold surface of the wall lining to reduce the requirements of the anchor material.

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