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How to identify the weight of ceramic wool blanket insulation?

Jul. 09, 2018

Application area of ceramic wool blanket insulation.

Applicable to all kinds of industrial furnaces’, door seals, furnace curtains, kiln roof insulation: high temperature flue, duct bushings, expansion joints: petrochemical equipment, containers, pipelines, high temperature insulation, insulation; high temperature Protective clothing, gloves, headgear, helmets, boots, etc. under the environment; automobile engine heat shield, heavy oil engine exhaust pipe package, high speed racing compound brake friction pad, nuclear power, steam turbine insulation; heating parts heat treatment insulation, etc.

In summary, it can be seen that the wide application of ceramic thermal insulation blanket materials, for the industry, environmental protection and energy conservation not only conforms to the principle of sustainable development, but also enhances its own economic benefits. Then, when purchasing ceramic wool blanket insulation, what should be paid attention to avoiding the problem of taking shoddy goods for quality goods?

First of all, depending on the color, the "amino" component in the raw material and the long storage time will cause the color to turn yellow, and try to purchase a ceramic wool blanket insulation with a white color.

Secondly, the good product is produced with spun fiber technology. The long fibers are relatively tight when intertwined with each other. The tear resistance and the tensile strength are good. The ceramic wool blanket insulation produced with short fiber is easy to be shredded and has poor resilience in a high temperature environment. Easy to shrink and break. You can tear off a small piece of blanket to see the length of the fiber.

Finally, look at the cleanliness of the ceramic wool blanket insulation, whether it contains some brown or black slag particles, generally, the shot content of good quality ceramic fiber blanket is <15%.

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