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How to do the inside masonry work of furnace with fire brick

Aug. 21, 2017

Last period we mainly described the masonry of straight wall with CCEWOOL refractory bricks.This period we will introduce the masonry of arc wall in furnace with CCEWOOL fire brick.

Masonry of arc wall: Arc wall include circular wall and arch wall. It is common in blast furnace, hot blast stove, cupola, mix iron furnace, reforming furnace, rotary kiln. Transverse vertical seam of arc wall is called radiate seam. Longitudinal vertical seam is called circular seam. Arc wall is mostly built with arch brick or special shaped brick. The joint of steel structure face and arch surface should be built carefully.The brick work joint should be built as per internal furnace shell. When building the wall, set a central pipe in the center of furnace. During construction the mortar should be full.
If it is arc furnace top, circular furnace top, suspended furnace top, vertical error of central shell should be within specified tolerance. Building of arc wall can use internal shell of furnace top as base level. When there is spraying on the furnace shell, the arc furnace top should be built as per arch axis arc. Also we can use spraying coat as base level. Staggered joint of arc wall should be built as per parabolic arch and catenary arch.Arc furnace top of industrial furnace is usually arc. The staggered joint of arc should be the same with straight wall.
This period mainly describe masonry of arc wall with fire brick. Hope it can bring some help to furnace builders.

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