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Construction scheme of cement kiln with high temperature Calcium silicate board

Jun. 10, 2019

 High temperature Calcium silicate board, also known as microporous calcium silicate board, is a white, hard new insulation material with characteristics like light weight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. And can be cut or sawed. It is widely used in the insulation of high temperature parts of various thermal equipment.

Most cement kilns use high temperature Calcium silicate board. The following section focuses on the construction of high-temperature calcium silicate board used in cement kiln.

Preparation before construction:

1. Before the masonry, the surface of the masonry should be cleaned first, and the dirt such as rust and dust should be removed. If necessary, the wire brush can be used. So as to ensure the bonding quality.

2. High temperature calcium silicate board is easy to get wet. This doesn’t affect the performance of calcium silicate board.But this will affect subsequent processes, such as the extension of drying time, affecting the coagulation and strength of the refractory mortar.

3. For the refractory material that needs to be protected from moisture, the allocated amount should not exceed the amount needed for one day.

4. The material should be stored separately according to different specifications. Stacking should not be too high. And different refractory material should not be stacked together to to prevent damage caused by heavy pressure.

5. The binder for high temperature calcium silicate board masonry is made up of solid and liquid materials. The ratio of solid and liquid materials must be suitable, so that the viscosity is suitable, and it can be applied well without flowing.

Next issue we will continue to introduce the construction of high temperature calcium silicate board in cement kiln. Please stay tuned.

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