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Characteristics of CCEWOOL insulation ceramic module lining construction

Apr. 24, 2019

 CCEWOOL insulation ceramic module lining is an all-fiber lining structure. It is constructed by folding the refractory fiber blanket into a accordion shape according to a certain width, then pre-compress the blanket at a certain amount, and bind the blanket in a compressed state, at the same time pre-embed the anchor. Then fix it with the bolt welded to the furnace wall board. Characteristics of CCEWOOL insulation ceramic module is as follow.

1) The insulation ceramic module lining has realized the cold surface fixing, and the anchor is far away from the working heat, which can save the anchor material to a certain extent and reduce the construction cost.

2) The construction is simple and the construction period is short. Because the insulation ceramic module lining has elasticity and the compression amount can be predicted. No expansion joints need to be left during construction, and the construction personnel can be employed after basic training, and the construction technical factors have little influence on the insulation effect of the furnace lining.

3) No need for preheating after construction: The furnace lining insulated with insulation ceramic module, if it is not restricted by other metal components, can be quickly heated to the process temperature after construction, which can effectively increase the utilization rate of industrial furnaces and reduce the fuel consumed by non-production. .

4) Good thermal shock resistance. The insulation ceramic module lining has excellent resistance to severe temperature fluctuations. The fiber lining can be heated or cooled at any fast speed under the premise that the component being heated can withstand the temperature change.

5) Anti-mechanical vibration. The fiber blanket has flexibility and elasticity. After being processed into a folding module, the overall performance is better, and the strength is greater, and it is not easy to be damaged. The installed integrated kiln is not easily damaged when it is impacted or vibrated during transportation.

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