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CCEWOOL fireclay brick

Mar. 08, 2017

1)What is CCEWOOL fireclay brick?

CCEWOOL fireclay brick is the refractory products produced with clay clinker as aggregate and refractory clay as the bonding agent, with Al2O3 content between 30 ~ 48%. Fireclay brick is the oldest; the most widely used refractory material.

2)What’s the raw materials of fireclay brick?

Raw materials for making fireclay bricks are clay minerals. Natural refractory clay can be divided into hard clay and soft clay. In the manufacturing process of refractory materials, hard clay is used as clinker after being calcined; Soft clay has characteristics of with good plasticity, easy sintering after being added water, and mostly used as binding agent.

3)What’s the characteristics of CCEWOOL fireclay brick?

High density

Good thermal shock resistance

Excellent volume stability at high temperatures

4)What’s the application of CCEWOOL fireclay brick?

Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, silicate, power and other industrial fields.

Clay refractories material is abundance in raw material, simple in processing and in low price. Therefore, they are more widely used than any other refractory materials. They are used in blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, iron furnaces, ladle and ladle systems and soaking ovens and heating furnaces, Non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, silicate industry and chemical industry kiln and all thermal equipment chimney and flue.

CCEWOOL can provide energy-saving solutions according to different application industry and position.

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