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CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket ordered by Argentina customer is delivered

Jul. 24, 2017

CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket of specification 7620x610x25mm, 3660x610x50mm, etc order ed by UAE customer are delivered on time on July 8th, 2017 from our factory. Please prepare for collecting cargo.

This order of products are packed with cartons of CCEWOOL logo. And each carton is posted “Made in China” label. CCEWOOL carton is made of 5 layers of brown paper. It is hard and can prevent cargo from compressing and bumping. And it guarantees the cargo is intact when it reaches customer.

Workers are loading the container. They piled the cargo neatly and with out gap. Workers have loaded products of this size thousands of times and they are very familiar of the loading method.

This shipment of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket will arrive destination port around August 10th. Please prepare for picking up cargo.

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