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Application of lightweight insulation fire brick on roller kiln 1

May. 07, 2018

The top of the kiln is a light insulated brick ceiling structure, and the ceiling height is set according to the temperature section, which can satisfy the production of ceramic products. And also also reduces the upper and lower temperature difference, which is convenient for atmosphere adjustment and temperature control in the kiln.

In rapid cooling zone the top of the kiln was made of ceramic fiber folding and flat hanging. In slow cooling section the top of the kiln was made of fiber cotton felt and slag wool.

The wall part of the kiln is made of high-alumina light brick, with different types of fiber blanket and so on, so as to reduce the total thickness, thus reducing the loss of heat dissipation of the kiln wall. Kiln wall can be built with a large number of ceramic fiber bulk and heat insulation board, exterior daub perlite insulation materials, interior wall spray high temperature infrared coating, reduce the thickness of the kiln wall, reduce the conduction and radiation heat transfer, thereby reducing the heat storage of kiln wall, improve the thermal efficiency.

At present, the bottom of roller kiln is almost all steel plate. That’s because steel plate has enough mechanical strength and compression strength. But the conductivity of steel is high, this is not good for reducing heat loss. On the other hand, with the increasing of raw material, the cost of building furnace is rising. It should be possible to consider the choice of using large size and semi-finished product or finished brick with an old or unqualified quality, or super waterproof and lightweight insulating bricks to replace the steel plate.One is that the thermal conductivity of light insulation bricks and plates is much lower than that of metal materials, which helps to reduce heat loss. The second is the light insulation brick and the plate also has certain mechanical strength and heat resistance strength.

Above is the introduction of application of light weight insulation brick in roller kiln. Hope this can bring help to furnace builders and workers. Next week we will continue to introduce application of of light weight insulation bricks in roller kiln. Please stay tuned.

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