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Application of CCEWOOL refractory ceramic fibers in ceramic kiln

Aug. 06, 2018

 In recent years, various refractory ceramic fibers are used as a kind of high temperature insulation material in domestic and foreign high temperature industrial furnaces. The application of refractory ceramic fibers lining in various industrial furnaces can save energy by 20%-40%. Because of physical property of refractory ceramic fibers, using refractory ceramic fibers can reduce masonry weight of industrial kilns. And the construction is simple and convenient, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

Application of CCEWOOL refractory ceramic fibers in ceramic kiln.

(1)Filling sealing material

The expansion joint of the kiln, the gap between the metal parts, the hole at the rotating part of the roller kiln, the joint of the ceiling kiln, the kiln car and the joint can be filled or sealed with ceramic fiber material.

(2) Outer insulation material

Ceramic kiln mostly uses loose ceramic fiber bulk or refractory ceramic fibers felt (board) as thermal insulation material, which can reduce the thickness of kiln wall and reduce the surface temperature of kiln wall. The fiber itself has elasticity and filling, which can alleviate the thermal stress of brick wall expansion, improve the air tightness of the kiln. The heat capacity of the fiber is small and it is helpful for rapid firing.

(3) Lining material

Choosing the suitable refractory ceramic fibers as lining material according to the temperature requirement of application area has following advantages: the kiln wall thickness is reduced, the weight is reduced, the heating rate of the kiln, especially the intermittent kiln is accelerated, the kiln masonry material is saved, and the cost is reduced; Save the drying time of kiln and the kiln can be put into production fast. Can extend the service life of the outer masonry.

(4)Application in all-fiber kiln.

Kiln wall and kiln lining all adopt refractory ceramic fibers. The heat storage capacity of the refractory ceramic fibers lining is only 1/10-1/30 of the brick lining, and the weight is 1/10-1/20 of the brick lining. It can reduce the weight of furnace body, reduce the structural cost, and speed up the firing.

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