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Advantages of CCEWOOL water permeable brick

Jul. 03, 2017

CCEWOOL water permeable brick has the characteristics of water permeability , moisture retention, anti-skid, high strength, cold resistance,weather resistance, noise reduction, sound absorption and so on. It is produced with slag waste, waste ceramics as raw material and produced through two times of molding. It is green and environmental friendly product.

Advantages of CCEWOOL water permeable brick.

1. Good water permeability

natural water lowering can quickly let the water go through the ground, and timely replenish groundwater resources. Save water and reduce the city water-logging.

2. Function of automatic adjustment

excellent permeability can regulate the surface temperature and humidity to eliminate the "heat island phenomenon" and maintain the ecological balance.

3. Safety and comfort

in the rainy days,road has no water to prevent night reflection and improve the safety and comfort of vehicle and pedestrian.

4. Strong water absorbing capacity

used in public or family kitchen and bathroom floor, it can absorb water and exerts excellent anti-skid effect.

5. Noise reduction

porous structure can absorb the vehicle noise, and create a quiet and comfortable environment.

6. High compressive strength

made with high pressure and high temperature sintering,the compressive strength, flexural strength is higher than that of other floor laying material.

7. Low carbon emission and environmental protection

long product life and weathering resistance can bring infinite times repeated recycling.

8. Remove haze

at present, in some cities, haze phenomenon is very serious. The main reason is the dry air. Because of the lack of water vapor adsorption, suspended particles can not be timely settled. Only large area of CCEWOOL water permeable brick can eliminate the haze.

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