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1260 Ceramic fiber bulk for metallurgy and steel industry

Jun. 29, 2018

 1260 Ceramic fiber bulk is made by high temperature melting of raw materials through electric resistance furnace and produced by blown/spun fiber forming technology.

Ceramic fiber is a neutral, acidic material that is not attacked by other weak bases, weak acids and water, oil, and vapor, and does not infiltrate with lead, aluminum or copper, except for strong acid-base reaction. It has excellent flexibility and elasticity. CCEWOOL1260 ceramic fiber bulk is lighter than 75% light heat insulation brick lining. And 90%-95% lighter than lightweight cast lining. Its thermal conductivity is about 1/8 of lightweight clay bricks. It is 1/10 of lightweight heat-resistant lining (castable). The heat capacity is only about 1/10 of the lightweight insulation lining and the lightweight castable lining. So it can significantly reduced energy loss and significant energy savings. According to the production process can be divided into: small furnace bulk, ceramic fiber spun bulk, ceramic fiber blown bulk, ceramic fiber dry cotton, ceramic fiber oil cotton, ceramic fiber chopped bulk, ceramic fiber grain bulk.

According to the theoretical use temperature (classification temperature) is divided into: 1050 ordinary (STD) ceramic fiber bulk, 1260 ceramic fiber bulk, 1260 high-purity (H) ceramic fiber bulk, 1400 high aluminum (HA) ceramic fiber bulk, 1400 contains Zirconium (HZ) ceramic fiber bulk.

Divided by application: 1260 ceramic fiber bulk wet product raw materials; high-temperature furnaces, heating devices, wall lining gap filler; ceramic fiber spray coating, ceramic fiber casting materials, ceramic fiber coating materials; corners and complex space Insulation filler material etc.

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