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CCEWOOL ceramic blanket insulation was delivered on time

Jul 08, 2019

     On June 25th, 2019, CCEWOOL ceramic blanket insulation and refractory mortar were delivered on time from our factory. The specification of CCEWOOL ceramic blanket insulation is 7200x610x25mm, 96kg/m3.


     CCEWOOL ceramic blanket insulation is produced according to ISO 9000 standards. We weigh each roll of blanket before package to make sure the actual weight of each roll of blanket is higher than theoretical weight. We can produce the ceramic blanket insulation with the width 50~1220mm and thickness 6~60mm.


     Workers were loading the cargo into container. They piled the cargo neatly inside container to make sure all products can be loaded into container.


     This shipment of CCEWOOL ceramic blanket insulation is estimated to arrive destination port around July 25th, 2019. Please prepare for picking up cargo.

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