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Application of insulation ceramic fiber in ceramic kiln

Oct 10, 2019

     Last issue we mainly introduced the application of insulation ceramic fiber as a filling sealing material and an outer thermal insulation material in ceramic kiln. In this issue, we continue to talk about other applications of insulation ceramic fiber in ceramic kiln.

     Application of insulation ceramic fiber in ceramic kiln.

     (3) Lining material. According to the temperature requirements of the application area, the selection of suitable insulation ceramic fiber as the lining material has the following advantages: the kiln wall thickness is reduced, the weight of kiln is reduced, the heating rate of the kiln, especially the intermittent kiln is accelerated, and the kiln masonry material is saved. And cost of kiln is reduced. It can also save the preheating time then the kiln can be put into production faster and prolong the service life of the outer masonry.

     (4) Used in all-fiber kiln, that is, kiln wall and lining are all made of insulation ceramic fiber. The heat storage capacity of the  insulation ceramic fiber lining is only 1/10-1/30 of the brick lining, and the weight is 1/10-1/20 of the brick lining. It can reduce the weight of the furnace body, reduce the structural cost, and speed up the firing.

     Above is the introduction of insulation ceramic fiber in ceramic kiln. Hope this can bring help to furnace builders and contractors. 

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