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Advantage of chamotte lightweight insulation brick in construction industry

Jul 10, 2019

     Chamotte lightweight insulation brick generally known as foam bricks. Normal indoor partition walls are made of such bricks, which will not increase the load on the floor, and the sound insulation effect is good. The strength products are made of high-quality slab corundum and mullite as aggregate, and the sillimanite composite is used as the matrix. The special additive and a small amount of rare earth oxide are mixed and kneaded, and formed by high pressure molding and high temperature firing. Ordinary lightweight insulation refractory bricks are made of clay, high-aluminum high-strength floating bead bricks, low-iron mullite, high-alumina poly-light-insulating refractory bricks, and diatomite insulation refractory bricks.

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     Advantage of chamotte lightweight insulation brick in construction industry.

     1. Economical: It can reduce the basic cost, reduce the cross section of the frame, and save the reinforced concrete. And can significantly save the overall cost of the building. Comparing with solid clay bricks, the use of chamotte lightweight insulation brick can save the overall cost by by more than 5%.

     2. Practicality: The use of chamotte lightweight insulation brick can increase the area of use, and at the same time, due to the insulation of aerated concrete, the insulation effect is good. In hot summer, the indoor temperature is 2-3 °C lower than the house built with solid clay bricks. Thus reduce air conditioning power consumption. 

     3.  Construction: The chamotte lightweight insulation brick has good processability.It is easy and convenient for construction. Due to its large size and light weight, the labor intensity can be reduced, the construction efficiency can be improved, and the construction period can be shortened.

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