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Dear Monica

In Tuesday received the container. Thank you for it!

Mr. Valen is very happy of the quality of the goods and he is sending hes special greatings to your and Mr. Rosen! We will keep in touch with you.

I wish you great week and weekend.




Dear Mr. Rosen Peng

Thank you very much for your email. Thank you also for your honest comments

We agree with all your comments and probably for now we will continue to buy insulating bricks from Europe.

If we decide to buy from China you will be the first person we contact.

Thank you very much once again for your kind attention to us.

With best regards and wishes for a succeessul business.


Dear Mr. Rosen

How are you!

All our clients told us the quality of your brand is very good we will distribute your brand in very place in Egypt. We will sent you new order very soon.

Hope to cooperate with you.


Lansing: will get back with new order soon

Rosen: very much satisfied with products and very lovely people.



Thanks for your company hospitably. It has been a pleasure to cooperate wit you.

Good luck with you and teams.


Thank you so much for your kind hospitality. I hope we have a good cooperation in future.


I wish we would be good partner in future. Thanks Qing, Tks a lot. Fighting!


Hi, Rosen

Thanks your for you fibre, it is really good product and we are very happy with your product.


Hi Lansing

Everything arrived OK. The rock wool quality is perfect. I think we'll make a second order in March.

Thanks for your help.

B. regards


Hello Alice,

The process looks perfect.

Please send me our order no. so that i can put the pictures in the right filling.

Best regards


Dear Rosen

Thanks now we make block and installation in shuttle kiln. I think material blanket is very good. Mortar we use and it was very good. I am waiting for beginning new kiln and check the quality of blanket.


Dear Mr.Rosen

Today received from your samples!!!

Very quickly.Thank you.You are a true professional.

Please send prices for study.


Cici, how are you?

We are surprised with the quality of its products and good prices.

At the latest, within a month, if all goes well we will be doing a new order of rockwool and / or ceramic fiber blankets.

I will appreciate your patience.

Best regards.


Dear Sophia

We have received the products and were very good! We are very happy, we will do good business. Provided that in Argentina we sell only to us. Since we'll take your brand to the highest in the market.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.


Dear James

Thank you very much for your kindness,

Our samples has received our Company. Your packing and label is really great.

Many thanks.

UAE customer

UAE customer: I like CCEWOOL. I can do this project.

Roson: We will fully support you.

UAE customer: I am waiting for your offer. Please send me early in the morning.

UK customer

Dear Rosen

We have been promoting your products to our customers as better quality than the usual Chinese manufacturers.


Hi dear Rosen

Good morning


I see your products in market.

And also visited your website.

UK customer

Dear Rosen

On a positive note,the blanket and board seems ok and the packaging of all products looks more professional than Chinese competitors.

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