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Factors that affect the performance of ceramic fibre products

Jul. 31, 2019

Ceramic fibre products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, small bulk density, good thermal insulation performance, good chemical stability, good thermal shock resistance, good wind erosion resistance and convenient construction. They are the most promising energy-saving and environment-friendly insulation material.

However, ceramic fibre products also have some shortcomings in application: poor stability, poor resistance to erosion,poor resistance to air flow erosion, and poor peeling resistance. When being exposed to high temperature for a long time, due to crystallization and grain growth of vitreous fibers, high temperature creep and other factors, fiber structure begin to change - shrinkage deformation, fiber loses elasticity, fiber becomes brittle and fracture, fiber strength becomes low, densification, until the occurrence of sintering and loses fibrous structure. Coupled with corrosive furnace gas erosion, airflow scouring and other factors the fibers are easy to powder and fall off.

Ceramic fibre products are are used under different conditions and their long term working temperature are different. Such as industrial furnace operating system (continuous or intermittent kiln), fuel type, furnace atmosphere and other process conditions, etc are all factors that affect the temperature and service life of ceramic fiber products.

Next issue we will analyze the 3 aspects that affect the performance of ceramic fibre products. Pls stay tuned.

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