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Factors that affect the performance of refractory ceramic fibers 2

Aug 07, 2019

     There is currently no ideal method for determining the heat resistance index of refractory ceramic fibers. Generally, the refractory ceramic fibers product is heated to a certain temperature, and the heat resistance of the refractory ceramic fibers product is evaluated according to the linear shrinkage change of the sample and the degree of crystallization.

     1. Effect of temperature on the properties of refractory ceramic fibers products

     From a thermodynamic point of view, the glassy refractory ceramic fibers is in a metastable state. Therefore, as long as it is heated under a certain temperature condition, a particle rearrangement will occur inside the fiber, and the glass state will be converted into a crystalline state, and the fiber will be crystallized.

     When the grain size grows to be close to the fiber diameter size, the bonding force inside the fiber will be dominated by the chemical bonding between the molecules, and the grain boundary bonding between the grains will be dominant. Since the grain boundary bonding force is relatively weak, it will lead to the increasing of the brittleness of the fiber, and the fiber is easily destroyed by the external force and eventually loses the fiber property.

     The above is the effect of temperature on the performance of refractory ceramic fibers. In the next issue, we will continue to introduce the influence of ambient atmosphere and impurities on the performance of refractory ceramic fibers products, so stay tuned! 

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